New Documentary - Land of The Prophets ( Iraq ) - Karbala - Part 1

Rabi Al Awwal

Rabi Al Awwal is Third month of Islamic year, In islamic history Islamic month of Rabi Al Awwal preserve so many historic movements and events some are as below : 

Hijri Date Events
4 Rabi 'Al Awwal Wafat of Masumah-e-Qum (S.A)
8 Rabi 'Al Awwal Shahadat of 11th Imam Hasan Al-Askari (A.S.)
9 Rabi 'Al Awwal Eid-e-Zahra (S.A)
17 Rabi 'Al Awwal Wiladat of Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.)
17 Rabi 'Al Awwal Wiladat of 6th Imam Jaffer As-Sadiq (A.S.)