Shia Adhan ( Azan )

Learn about Shia Adhan ( Azan ) ,The Adhan is the Islamic call to prayer. Here is an English translation of the Adhan, including some differences according to different Islamic sects ( Sunni & Shia ), Adhan Urdu/Englihs/Arbic Translation.

Shia AzanThe root of the word is adhina meaning "to listen, to hear, be informed about". Another derivative of this word is udhun, meaning "ear". Adhan is called out by a muezzin from the mosque five times a day, traditionally from the minaret, summoning Muslims for mandatory (fard) worship (salat).

Difference between Sunni & Shia Adhan ( Azan ) 

Recital Arabic Transliteration Translation Sect
4x* Allah u Akbar God is greater Sunni & Shia
2x Ash-hadu alla ilaha illallah I bear witness that there is no lord except God Sunni & Shia
2x Ash-hadu anna Muhammadan rasulullah I bear witness that Muhammad is the Messenger of God Sunni & Shia
2x** Ash-hadu anna Aliya wali-ul-lah I bear witness that Ali is the vice regent of God Shia Only
2x Hayya 'alas-salat Make haste towards prayer Sunni & Shia
2x Hayya 'alal-falah Make haste towards welfare Sunni & Shia
2x*** Assalatu khayru min an-naum Prayer is better than sleep Sunni Only
2x Hayya- al Khair al amal Make haste towards the best thing Shia Only
2x Allah u Akbar God is greater Sunni & Shia
2x**** La ilaha illallah There is no lord except God Sunni & Shia

* Followers of the Maliki Madhab say this line twice instead of four times.
*** The line "Prayer is better than sleep" is recited by Sunnis only for the first prayer of the day at dawn (fajr salat).
**** Shias repeat this line twice.